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AZ Daily Star highlights ENVP as part of the Neighbors Care Alliance

Client Stella Brown walks past her wall of memories on her way with Volunteer Mary Keller

We’ve managed to get our name out there again, we’re so thankful for it! The Arizona Daily Star’s journalist Gabrielle Fimbres wrote a compelling article about our six year volunteer Mary Keller and one of our clients Stella Brown, and how they work together as part of ENVP.

Fimbres wrote, “According to the most recent statistics, about 1,340 Pima County volunteers lend a helping hand to about 2,100 clients annually, with a value of $1.3 million a year in donated services, said Bridget Roads, outreach coordinator for the Neighbors Care Alliance.”

We can’t be more grateful for all the good work that our volunteers put forth for our clients. If you know someone who might benefit from the program or want to volunteer, please visit our Volunteer page, or find us on Facebook!

Here’s the article!

Thank you Ms. Fimbres!