All clients must be 55 YEARS OLD or older.

All new clients must be INTERVIEWED before any appointments are made.

A minimum of four (4) WORKING DAYS advanced notice is required for all service requests.

Absolutely NO NEXT DAY appointments.

Boundaries for clients destinations are as follows: Campbell Avenue on the West, Fort Lowell/Camp Lowell on the North, Houghton on the East and Ajo Way/Irvington Road on the South. The exception to these boundaries is the Veteran’s Hospital.

Priority transportation is provided for medical related transports and errands (pharmacy & grocery shopping). Other errands and transports are to be determined by priority and availability of drivers.

Each client’s ability to get in and out of an SUV / Pick Up / Van will be noted on the client’s information card.

The telephone coordinators will check with Clients to determine if they have any special equipment needs such as a walker or cane.

Cancelled or changed appointments are becoming frequent problems. ENVP will try to accommodate re-scheduling, however, there may not be an available volunteer driver for the new appointment.

Recipients must not call ENVP volunteers at their home or on their cell phones. All communications must be directed through the ENVP office. The telephone staff will be happy to answer any questions.

The above policies are necessary in order to provide better services to our Seniors.