ENVP Policies for Recipients

Qualified prospective recipients: Must be 55 yrs or older; Must live within the ENVP area of operation.

Before arranging for service, recipients must be interviewed by an authorized Eastside Neighbors Volunteer Coordinator.

Areas of Service

Our designated areas include all of Zip Code 85710 and parts of Zip Codes 85711, 85712, 85715, 85730, 85748 and 85749. Boundaries are Grant Road/Tanque Verde on the North, Swan Road on the West, Houghton Road on the East and Irvington on the South.

Boundaries for destination of transports are: North to Ft. Lowell Rd, South to Ajo Way (Kino Hospital), West to Campbell Avenue (University Medical Center), East to Houghton Road.

Policies and Procedures for Scheduling Service

Four (4) working days advance notice is required for scheduling services not to include weekends or holidays. This would include any type of service request, including transportation. Next day service requests cannot be filled.

Transportation priority is given to transports for medical appointments and grocery shopping. Other errands and transports are to be determined by priority and availability of volunteer drivers.

Duties to be Accomodated

Yard work is limited to Light Yard Work only to be accomplished in no more than 2 hours. This is to include raking, light trimming of shrubs and bagging of refuse. No tree or hedge trimming and no ground breaking and digging. Any task that requires a ladder cannot be accommodated by our volunteers. Tools (shears, rakes, brooms, shovels, etc.) and refuse containers need to be provided by the recipient. During the months of extreme heat, (June, July, August and occasionally September) volunteers will not be asked to do yard work.

Volunteers will travel to the recipient’s home to perform dog walking services. There is no weight limit on dogs. No grooming services to include brushing, bathing or nail clipping will be provided. A leash must be provided by the recipient. All dogs should be previously trained to walk on a leash.  Dog walking services will be performed for one hour or less. Should a dog be overly aggressive toward a volunteer, dog walking services will no longer be accommodated for the recipient.

Light Home Maintenance services will be performed on an as-needed basis. No tasks requiring the use of a ladder will be completed by our volunteers. Only tasks that can be completed in one hour or less will be accommodated. Some tasks include changing light bulbs and switches, changing faucets, changing locks, hanging small items such as pictures or decorative items. Services that cannot be accommodated by our volunteers include electrical services such as T.V. or computer repair, plumbing, fixing doors off their hinges, broken windows / screens, etc. Tools for repairs need to be provided.

Cancelling/Rescheduling Policy

Cancelled or changed appointments are becoming frequent problems. ENVP will try to accommodate your rescheduling, however, there may not be an available volunteer driver for your new appointment. Thank you for understanding.


When requesting transportation services, requests are to be made through the telephone coordinator. The telephone coordinator will notify the volunteer assigned.

  • Grocery shopping is limited to 1x per week. Plan on your shopping needs accordingly.
  • Choice of markets used should be within closest proximity of the senior’s residence
  • Errands should be combined for less trips.
  • Recreational/Social trips should be limited (2x per month)


Recipients are not to call ENVP volunteers at their home. All communications must go through the ENVP office. Questions and clarification of policies are handled by the office staff.

These are guidelines to help recipients and volunteers understand the program operations. Should circumstances arise outside these guidelines, please refer it to the Program Director for clarification and direction. There are times flexibility is necessary and a decision by the Director can override normal guidelines.

If possible, combine doctor or medical appointments with errands or shopping.

When on a doctor visit that requires medication, have the doctor’s office call the pharmacy to prepare for medication pick-up on the way home.

All services must be scheduled in advance. When a senior requests additional stops or services directly from a volunteer, the volunteer should advise them that they must request such services from the Telephone Coordinators. An exception to this rule is for a stop at a pharmacy following a doctors appointment. The Telephone Coordinators need to be aware of the services requested prior to the assignments. Any trips not assigned will not be reimbursed.

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