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The Economy and Senior Citizens


Our economy seems to be spiraling downward at a fairly rapid rate, and is a matter of concern to all of us and well it should be for it impacts our country, our state and our cities which means you and me. The good news is that it will get better though we don’t know exactly when.

Our senior citizens are impacted perhaps in a slightly different way. The seniors in our towns and cities are growing at a fairly rapid rate. Most are on a limited or fixed income, many live alone and many more have physical limitations that prohibit the ability to drive to medical appointments, grocery shopping, etc. Their situation will not get better unless we step in and offer some assistance which for the most part will cost a little of our time each week to help them do what they are unable to do for themselves.

The Eastside Neighbors Volunteer Program provides just such a service in several zip codes on the eastside of Tucson but with over 350 recipients, additional volunteer drivers are needed and the need is critical. The requirements are a good driving record, a short interview, and a few free hours to transport. Please call the Eastside Neighbors Volunteers at 245-4729 or 248-0300, if busy leave a message. We thank you. The recipients will appreciate you as you enrich their lives.

Thanks on behalf of the Eastside Neighbors Volunteer Program and our recipients.

Jann Hicks, Program Director