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Wonderful Support from a Congressman

We received an amazing letter from Congressman Ron Barber, thanking us for what we’ve done for the seniors in the community. We want to share this letter with you, because without YOU, our supporters, our volunteers, our friends and family members, our achievements would have never been possible. We are so blessed to have so much love and support for our organization. This is why our slogan is Neighbors Helping Neighbors.

The text of Congressman Barber’s letter reads:

Congressman Barber LetterJune 21, 2014

Dear community members and those involved with the Eastside Neighbors Volunteer Program:

I wish I could be with you in person today to celebrate the decade of service that you have given to our east side neighbors.

Seniors have put in a lifetime of hard work, helping to make our economy grown and make our nation strong. They deserve a safe, healthy and secure environment. ENVP helps them keep this goal, just as I do in Congress by protecting Medicare and Medicaid.

Through the thoughtful collaboration of dedicated volunteers, ENVP gives our seniors dignity and security. You allow them to remain in their homes – independent, yet connected. You give them the greatest gift anyone can give: the gift of your time as a volunteer. It might only seem like a trip to the grocery store, a phone call or the simple trimming of a tree, but the value it brings is priceless.

Special recognition and thanks goes to Jann Hicks, the program director who keeps things up and running and to the Pima Council on Aging which directs ENVP under The Neighbors Care Alliance. You are the example for others to follow as our senior population grows each year.

This day is a tribute to honor the strength of our neighbors who build better communities through their volunteer service.

Sincerely yours, Ron Barber, Member of Congress.

Thank you for your support Mr. Barber, and thank you to our volunteers!!