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Saturday is around the Bend

Good morning, from Tucson, AZ, the Eastside Neighbors Volunteer Program’s home town.  Our celebration for 10 years of service to our seniors is Saturday, June 21—-just 3 days away.  We are celebrating with 10/10/10 themeWe are asking for 10 hours of volunteering, and/or $10.00 and/or 10 new volunteers for our 10 year celebration.  We would like to see you there, we will have cake and Isabella’s ice cream may be purchased.  We will have some our volunteers, seniors, and dignitaries for you to meet/greet.  We are very proud of our organization–JUST ASK US!  We are located in the Saguaro Christian Church @ 8302 E. Broadway, on the corner of Sarnoff and Broadway.  We will be here from 10:00 to 12:00, so drop by and see us.  We would like to meet you.